Monday, June 28, 2010

4th of July wreath

The inspiration for this wreath came from here. Amanda has tons of great ideas. The grapevine wreath is from Dollar Tree. The ribbon is from Michaels (all on sale 30% & 50% off.

Silhoutte Giveaway

Well blog world, I am sure by now you are aware that the Silhoutte is out there, and apparently the newest amazing must have. To help us all get one, there is the amazing opportunity to win one here. With any luck at all I will be the lucky winner. :) Then I will have all sorts of new fantastical creations to share
Another weekday afternoon, and instead of working I am lurking in blog world. Shhh! Welcome back Pam - you know your posts make my day. I decided to check out some of Pam's favorite blogs, and have enjoyed myself. I really like this one and have to agree that to grow your blog you need to visit lots and post a lot (I am pretty good at visiting lots of blogs, it's the posting aspect I am deficient on - which is terrible of me, I should applaud all the people who inspire me, and who make me laugh). Amanda has some great ideas for keeping up with blogging without distancing yourself from your family (btw love Michael Byrd's bathing suit). Also I am enjoying looking here.
Thanks again Pam, and I am glad to see you posting again!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Painted T

Rileigh's firecracker shirt for the 4th

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Painted T

I have a new favorite blog, check it out Cheri is very creative, and has so many great projects. She has great instructions too! I copied her Captain America shirt idea for Maddox

Then I used the same idea for shirts for Jeff & I

Rileigh's should be finished tomorrow - then I will show that one off