Monday, February 13, 2012

Jeff, Maddox & Hockey

This past weekend was a little different - only Maddox. It was fun to see him make choices all by himself and delight in not having to take turns with his sister. There was a lot of guy time. One of Maddox's favorite things was playing hockey in the garage. Jeff surprised him with a set of goalie pads (adult - that he got from a friend at work) Maddox played really well, he is really good!

The pads are a little big on him - but he loved wearing them.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Update to Angry Birds Valentine

Well, Maddox did not think it was sufficient to just suggest a helmet - he wanted to show you one. So here is an updated Angry Birds Pig - notice the cracks in the helmet and the black eye - all drawn by Maddox himself.

Angry Bird Valentines

I found this post from Megan at Brassy Apple to make some Angry Bird Valentines for Rileigh & Maddox. Jeff & I cut out all the pieces and here's what we came up with...

Then, Maddox wanted a pig - and I could not find a template for one, so I made my own. It isn't very technical, but he's happy. So without further ado, an Angry Birds Pig - with instructions - as requested (and approved) by Maddox! (*Note - the sharpie is to draw on eyeballs, nostrils and the centers of the ears. Feel free to add a crown, helmet, etc. Maddox suggests drawing cracks on the pig)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's subway art

I actually made this subway art last year - but did not post it :(
Inspired by someone else - so sorry I can't give you credit - but you had amazing instructions.

The idea was to tape off squares on the canvas and then to paint these sections dark colors (red, dark pink, etc). Then after they dry and the tape has been removed, to paint the whole canvas a lighter color. The darker squares will show through and offer some visual interest.

I used SCAL to cut Valentiney words in different fonts in red vinyl. Then after the paint was dry, I applied the words in a random fashion. The "10 reasons I love you" tag came in a K & Co paper stack. I added in reasons I love my husband.

Bon Voyage

Rileigh was gifted an extraordinary gift from her grandparents - a trip to Boston for the weekend. It was a pretty big deal going away without her mom or Dad. SHe is handling it like a champ. Before she left Jeff wanted to get a few things (such a sweetheart). His ideas included a book about Boston and a necklace with his phone number. He picked out the book and ordered the necklace, and I helped with wrapping and deocrating a bag. I did pick up a journal and pen to finish out the gift. He gave it to her after dinner the other night, and from his description she was super excited. She's been gone for 7 hours and has called twice. I guess she really likes the necklace that has his phone number engraved. (ugh, I forgot to take pictures of the gifts before I wrapped them or once they were wrapped.)

I re-purposed this REI bag - covered it with a piece of purple cardstock. I used a Recollections border punch on the top and the Martha Stewart loop punch on the bottom. Using the Life is a Beach cart and the Title Words feature cut Bon Voyage at 3" from purple cardstock outlined with a white gel pen. I carefully cut out the words, preserving the boat for a possible future need. I ran the title through the Polka Dots embossing folder.

I cut the R with the Storybook cart at 3" from turquoise cardstock, then I cut an R using the shadow feature from deep purple cardstock. Lastly I cut the R using the Accent/Fram feature from a scrap of medium blue cardstock. I used my trusty ATG to adhere all the paper.

Get well card

Inspired by this post from Pinterest, I made a Get Well card for Jeff's uncle. He recently had a heart attack and is dealing with some new life-changing challenges. I really liked this card, and thought he would like to know we're thinking about him.

Instead of using actual band-aids, I realized Cricut's Indie Art has a bandaid cut on it - how perfect. I cut 2 on beige colored card stock at 2.25". The words "Get Well Soon" come from the Beyond Birthdays cartridge. Cut on a scrap of green cardstock at 2". I outlined the words with a white gel pen.

Taped them onto a piece of hot pink carstock, and viola - insta card.

I think I will be mass producing this card for future use.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Long time no post

It has been a very long time since I posted - but I am back in the crafting game. I just started catching up on my 2.5 year back log of scrapbooking (*cry*) and been lurking in blog world. So I should be posting some LO's or crafty projects soon. I do check out Pinterest regularly so I have been gathering inspiration - hopefully I will come up with something good. See you soon :)