Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Rileigh Card

Another card by Rileigh... She used Nina's "Lucky Bear" digi from TMITA. She made a birthday card for her friend Bella. We also altered a glass block for her friend (but silly me, I did not take pictures of that) Maddox watched Rileigh & I color, and he asked how I colored so neatly, I explained that by no means is it perfect, but that I try to go very slowly and that helps. Well then Rileigh lamented that her bear looked awful because she had colored outside the lines. I showed her how a white gel pen can clean up some of that. We left some though so he would look fuzzy, like a real bear. She loved sewing on the buttons, the flowers were a little tricky, but she did it. Next time the kids come we will make them glass blocks, because now Rileigh wants one - and I am sure Maddox will too, as soon as he sees hers.

1 comment:

  1. Tell her she did a wonderful job, I love her fuzzy little bear. Good job Rileigh!