Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dustin Pike Freebie

I made this card for my Dad. The image is from (his 2/25/10 post) This lion is perfect for early March cards, what with the weather and all. I also like that he is flying a kite, I have fond memories of doing that with my Dad when I was younger - so hopefully my Dad will remember those days too. I am sending the card with a calendar I made my Dad. Every year for Christmas I scrap a calendar for Grandpa with pictures of all his kids, grandkids, and great grandkids - I include everyone's birthday and phone number to make it easy for him to call someone - if he wants. Well, my brother mentioned wanting one so he got a modified one for Christmas (it had fewer pictures of extended family, more of him with the kids & dogs). Then my Dad mentioned wanting one, which blew me away, because I never pictured my Dad as "into" or appreciative of crafts, but I just finished his calendar and I plan to send it out tomorrow or Saturday. It is a little late, but I hope he appreciates it.
Colored with Copics, more scrap paper, a MS punch, and 3 pieces of left over ribbon. I am working on using paper scraps, because I have a ton - and if I use it all I can justify more paper :)

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