Monday, December 6, 2010

More subway art

Since the 1st one went well, I decided to make one for the kids.

These pieces of wood are from Walmart - a little more than HL, but they are sturdy and since they will hang in the kids' rooms they need to be. (I did see smaller pieces at Michaels for under $2 - maybe for the next project)

Paint the wood, then cut the words out with vinyl - and use transfer tape to assemble. When you are all done spray with a glossy clear coat.

Pink for Rileigh, light blue for Maddox. The hard part was coming up with the right words. I didn't want to use the same words. I used three different fonts on Rileigh's and 4 colors of vinyl. For Maddox I went with bold print fonts and also 4 colors.

The kids love them! (Yay)

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